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Sorig Khang Estonia

Sorig Khang Estonia

Traditional Tibetan Medicine School in Estonia

Sorig Khang Estonia Väluste school is an open place for everyone who wants to learn traditional Tibetan medicine or to make their mind clearer and their motives purer with different spiritual practices. This page has been created for everyone who wants to be a part of the school’s growth process and stay informed about what is happening at the school.


At school, one can learn Tibetan medicine, practice meditation, participate in spiritual Tibetan Buddhist practices and rituals. We organize courses and retreats, as well as mantra concerts and various interesting events suitable for participants with all prior knowledge. Everyone can find an event that suits them.

yuthoki kaardid

Come to study with us

Come and learn ancient Tibetan traditional medicine. You acquire comprehensive knowledge in 2- and 4-year cycle studies. In addition, various courses, workshops and seminars.

Participate in retreats

We offer opportunities to make your mind clearer and your motives purer with various spiritual practices.

Come to a consultation

If you need help supporting your mental or physical well-being, you can register for an appointment with Tibetan medicine practitioners and therapists operating in Estonia through us.

Tibetan medicine is an integrated health care system that has served the Tibetan people well for many centuries, and I believe that this system can still bring great benefits to all of humanity today. However, our problem is communication, because, similar to other scientific systems, Tibetan medicine must be understood in its own formulation and in the context of objectively conducted studies.


His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet