23.-27. August 2023
All of the main Asian systems of traditional medicine are renowned for their special analytical sciences. Pulse specifically is quite well known. In Tibetan medicine, there is not only the probably most complex pulse reading system in a healing science, but also a uniquely developed system of urine analysis. Other aspects of analysis, such as observation of eyes and other sense organs, are included.

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Prerequisite for participating the course

Participants have to complete Root Tantra course or Kunye level one course before. Please contact us via email if you wish to participate and study Root Tantra course and/or take the recorded online course.
Root Tantra

This class introduces a portrait of human life interconnected with the world of all existence, thereby developing a basic understanding of balance and imbalance of body, mind, and energy. It is the first part of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

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Anu was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She studied midwifery at Tallinn Health College (1993-1996 and 2004-2006), traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese acupuncture school Neijing, (1993-1996) and Korean acupuncture su-jok (1996).

In Sowa Rigpa Anu has completed both TTM and TET study programs and 2 courses of Tibetan astrology. She started teaching Sowa Rigpa in 2006 and has been teaching it in 8 different countries. The subjects are Tibetan medical theory, therapies, nejang yoga and meditation.

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Anu Rootalu-Wachsmann
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