13.-24. October 2023

Dr. Machik is traveling from Tibet to Estonia to share the deep knowledge of 16 chapters or different types of Tsawa Disorders. This will benefit the students and practitioners in understanding health and diseases in patients. Once we are able to identify Tsawa (hot) Disorders, cold natured disorders are naturally known.
How to differentiate hot and cold disorders by Dr. Machik
Course will take place every day 10-17 (GMT +3).
Participate in person at Väluste, Estonia.
We will have live coverage in Zoom.
Prerequisite for participating the course
Participants have to complete Root Tantra course or Kunye level one course before. Please contact us via email if you wish to participate and study Root Tantra course and/or take the recorded online course.
Root Tantra class introduces a portrait of human life interconnected with the world of all existence, thereby developing a basic understanding of balance and imbalance of body, mind, and energy. It is the first part of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.
Live on-site or online
Live course in Väluste and online on 23-24 September and 29 September - 01 October.
Recorded course
Follow the program in self-paced format. This course is recorded in Estonian and English.
A comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of Sowa Rigpa.
Prepare yourself by reading
Additional information
Dear participants, our local volunteer team is excited and busy working to make your stay as comfortable as we can. We might not be able to offer you a five star hotel experience, but we will do our best to adjust to your needs.
  1. If you are coming from outside of Estonia, we suggest you fly a day or two prior to the training to Tallinn airport. From there you can get a bus ticket on from Tallinn to Viljandi. Tallinn bus stop is very close to the airport.
  2. We will organise pick-ups from Viljandi. Detailed info will be provided to registered participants. We will assist you to get to Sowa Rigpa Väluste School house or to Vanasauna (if you booked sleeping place there).
  3. Please be prepared that the local transfer might cost you taxi fare if our volunteers are not free. The taxi fare could be about 25 to 30 euros. However, we will try our best to coordinate a volunteer to pick you up.
Related fees
12-day advanced training
How to differentiate hot and cold disorders and 16 chapters of Tsawa Disorders. Live and online.
Accommodation in dormitory type rooms. Includes using the indoor showers, some parts of the kitchen and leisure areas. Price for one person per night.
Accommodation outside
Park your caravan or sleep in a tent in Väluste Schoolhouse yard. Includes using the indoor showers, some parts of the kitchen and leisure areas. Price for one person per night.
Includes three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Price for one person per day.
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Fees to participate the course can be paid in instalments.

Please contact us for details at

If the wish to participate is deep, but paying the course fee at this point is difficult, please contacts us and we will find a solution.

In unforeseen circumstances where the course needs to be canceled, the organizer reserves the right to retain 5% of the payment to cover event-related costs. Unforeseen circumstances include, for example: visa-related issues and arrival of the instructor, instructor's illness, extensive national restrictions on event organization, and the like.